Monday, March 9, 2009

Peaceful Weekend in the mountains!

Ahh! What a weekend. The three of us headed up to the ranch for some much needed R&R! We left Boulder on Friday night arriving well after Hens bedtime. Fortunately, he feel asleep in the car ride and were able to transplant him into his cozy bed (that would be a pak n play that is nearly to small now, nonetheless cozy).
Saturday morning we woke to morning fog with rays of sun peaking over the horizon. Snow had fallen over night dusting the surfaces where snow had melted. What a morning. We ate and quickly dressed for a morning hike. Realizing now after last weeks hike that Hen is quite a good walker we trekked out allowing him to chose our path. He was searching for water to splash in (March and April become the muddy season up in the mountains. Although there is still snow it is starting to melt). After about 45 minutes of our hike, he opted to jump aboard his daddy's shoulders. High altitude, mountain air and exerting energy definitely makes the belly hungry. We came home for a really good lunch of hummus, bread, cheese and grapes. Yum! Nap time called real quickly after that and put Hen down. Both Dean and I followed suit shortly after laying on the sofa and reading.
Sleeping, reading, eating and exercising equals RANCH! It's the life really. We don't have to have but one night up at the ranch really to feel like we have gotten away from the chaos, to slow down, relax and actually enjoy company. After naps, Dean and Henry started up the old Jeep Willy, which my grandfather had purchased in 1954. That Jeep has so many memories! Not only did my dad learn to drive in that car, but I too learned to drive when I was 9! With all the acreage and hidden dirt roads there are many adventures to be had, some to be quite honest, a bit scary! However, I do hope little Hen gets to learn to drive in it too. At the way he's going, I think this will be the case. Deans already got him steering it!
After a little tour in the jeep, we headed to town for some groceries and a cup of our much beloved espresso from Rocky Mountain Roastery ...mmmmm! After our shopping and checking out the ski train, yes Hen loves trains, we headed home. Before we knew it, it was time to eat again! Dinner of roast chicken, red quinoa, and asparagus! Night night!
Sunday morning we woke with less motivation as to whether it was our bodies response to so much peace and relaxation, or to that fact we are getting over colds, I am not sure. I'd like to think the former! We still managed to get out for a truck ride (yes we have to pull out all the ranch vehicles while we are up there visiting). Visualize a 1960's pick up that is ORANGE and actually dumps! Pretty darn cool. We took the truck to the neighboring ranch, Devils Thumb Ranch, which is actually a beautiful eco-lodge. It is one of the most fabulous places to cross country ski in the country. Fortunately for us, they lease some of our land so the perks are great. We went to check out the animals at Devil's Thumb. They have horses, chickens, a goat, a sheep and a rabbit. Henry loved feeding the horseys and pointing out all the horse poop (yes, that was fun and he was helpful in pointing it out so that we wouldn't step in it)!
After our return from a visit with the animals, we had lunch and a nap. Again we all partook in the much needed rest as visiting with the animals was much effort...not.
Once awake, it took a lot to have to start the process of packing and cleaning up as that means it is time to leave. Which is so depressing as it is an indication that we have to get back to reality. I'd like to some how assimilate the ranch as our reality so I'll have to work on that (make note to self).
We arrived home last night around 8 after having stopped off at Whole Foods for some dinner. Henry conked out to bed. Both Dean and I sorted out the luggage and then managed to catch up on some t.v. (hmm catch up on some t.v. as if that is like catching up on one's bills, or something).
All in all, we had a much needed decompressing session at the ranch. It is our slice of heaven really and I hope we have it in the years to come as it is such a magical place for Henry to grow up.

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