Thursday, March 12, 2009

crackpot bakers

Or so it seems! You see I've been attempting the art of gluten-free baking with my two year old son. A few weeks ago it was brownies and today we baked cookies (choc chip). The problem is we get a bit looney when it comes to the batter. Sure the mixing and baking is fun but having to wait for the final treat is not so fun. Patience does not equal toddler. Instead we like to treat (indulge) on the goods along the way, which is actually the best part of baking. When limitations are set on the batter eating (oodles of butter and chocolate his fave parts), hen transforms and becomes some other being...he gets completely outta sorts, full-on tantrum with blotchy skin and drippy nose (pleasant). So I try my darn-est to not back down on my decision that enough is enough (really don't have the desire for his belly to ache at 2 in the morning, thank you). Me: "Yes, you'll get two cookies when they are finished baking (which actually results in 3 or even 4, oh hell)!" We will keep on trying to improve on this follow through. I really don't want to be such a poop about it. Baking is meant to be fun and as I mentioned before the batter is really the best part. I remember the days when my sis and I used to "make cookies" together, except that we actually never did the part where you bake, and we actually never made the batter with flour. It was just 3 key ingredients: butter, sugar and eggs (and sometimes we would add the vanilla for the fragrance factor). We would literally spoon that sticky mass into our mouths. If we had enough we'd stick it in the fridge and then come back for more later. Glad we managed to have enough sense to stick that egg-y sticky mess in the fridge versus just letting it sit there on the counter for a few hours, can you imagine? I am actually surprised we never became deathly ill (salmonella)! Mmmm, such is life as a crackpot baker!

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