Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's feelin like SPRING!

Yeah, it's been awhile. I am turning over a new leaf. Deciding that it really might be a good idea to invest a little time into my blog. Feeling like the outlet for life, mommy-hood and business would be good. And although I do write in a journal to document moments in my sons life, it would be nice to touch upon it here. I managed to get through the winter without posting one darn thing, but chances are we'll have one more snow before spring really begins. However, today was fantastically spring! At 72 degrees with full sun (which fortunately happens around here about 300 out of 365), I opted to take Hen to hike the Sanitas trail. Well part of it anyway. Sanitas is a trail that loops a hillside. So even though you must go up, you also must come down. It really is one of my faves. Any how, I took Henry on a portion of it. He loved stepping up the rocks and roots that lay across the trail. On occassion he even pointed out a few drops of 'doggy poopy' which he continued to do as if it was a scavenger hunt of sorts, searching out poop. He loved it and well loved to run down the steep slopes too where there were loose rocks abound. Didn't faze him even if he tripped and fell flat a few times. He'd brush it off and continued on. We'll have to go hiking again real soon.

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