Tuesday, March 24, 2009


You every have those days where you just don't know what the hell you are actually doing? Where things just don't sync. There isn't the fluidity you strive for or the ease in getting things accomplished? This happens to me on occasion and at times like these, I desperately try to find my feet.
I remind myself to breath and to stay focused at the task at hand. But dang I'm tired and sometimes I just want my mommy!
Mental garbage doesn't help this situation either and when you have loads on your mind, it can get hard to file these thoughts into their assigned folders. That's when your house starts looking like sh*t! Ha ha!
Ok no really, those kinds of days are just complete horrors...but I plow on through and think about being a "WOMAN WARRIOR!"
So instead let's look at what I have accomplished recently:
-Put up my first Pilates video cast
-Made some great connections within the Women's health community for Commandos. Sold a handful of Commandos patches to a pelvic pain website! Can i get a whoo hoo!?
-Finally received phone calls from practitioners who are interested in sampling out product to their patients...coolio!
-Made it to UPS (yes, that's an accomplishment)
-Finally bought a helmet for my two year old (he's got one large noggin, that cutie pie)
AHH.... I feel a whole lot better now! Tis always better to look at the glass half full, not half empty (make note to self).
More on mental garbage and sick like that LATER.

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